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Recycling Service

Heaps of PCs is a recycling centre for Laptops, PCs, batteries and Ink cartridges.

Batteries are disposed of responsibly and ink cartridges are sent for recycling, where possible. Just drop them off to the shop and we will do the rest!

Laptop and PC Recyling

Do you want cash for you old machine?  We will assess your old equipment and make you an offer - typical prices paid: Dual-core Tower £30; Dual-core Laptop £60; 17" TFT £10. Data left on your hard drive? No need to worry as we can usually recover data for you and you needn't worry about data security as we always reformat and reload the drive. Here's the process for refurbishing computers:  

  • We will repair any faults with your machine
  • We will reformat your hard drive and reload your machine with Windows (permanently deleting your data)
  • We display your machine in the shop
  • We offer the new owner a 90 day hardware warranty

If your machine cannot be resold we will use whatever parts we can for repairs and anything left over is recycled through a specialist disposal company which reclaims as much material as possible

So don't throw your old computer away: Just think - instead of your machine rotting in a land-fill, it is being renewed, recycled and re-used and making you money at the same time!

Call into the shop for further details
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